Meet 内森!

内森 is a sweet 4 and a half year old boy from China who is currently living with a foster family on the grounds of the orphanage. He gets along very well with his foster parents and siblings, however, since he is only living with them temporarily, he is in need of a loving and permanent family.

内森’s caretakers describe him as being extroverted, active and happy. He loves to play outside with other children, and jump on the trampoline. Compared to other children his same age, 内森’心理发展正常。他可以听从指示,自己走路和奔跑,并与周围的人保持良好的沟通。


We are very excited about helping 内森 find his Forever Family! Please reach out to the GWCA China 首页 Finding Team at [email protected] 或访问我们的 等待儿童照片列表 to find out more about 内森 and request his file!